Browse through moments from the pre-conference workshop and check out the speakers overheads where available.




The Hon Hon David Bartlett,, former Premier of Tasmania and MC for the conference.




Su McClusky from the Regional Australia Institute outlined the work of the Institute, including a far reaching review of the literature on regional development. A copy of Su’s presentation is available here.



Stephanie Foster, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport, gave an overview of the drivers and levers of mid-sized city. A transcript of her speech and copy of her overheads are both available

David Thompson AM, Chief Executive Officer, Jobs Australia Ltd, delivered a keynote address. Eschewing the use of powerpoint, he argued forcibly that Australia needed to rethink its approach to unemployment. Tellingly, while the unemployment support system was generally working well, the numbers of long term unemployed were growing a a percentage of the overall population of the unemployed.



Mark Cully, Chief Economist of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, addressed the pre-conference group on regional migration programs.




Professor Graeme Hugo from the University of Adelaide was a last minute replacement for the intended speaker. While Professor Hugo only had a day to prepare his address on the demographics of emerging communities was erudite and absorbing.



Catherine O’Sullivan from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations gave an impassioned and energetic overview on meeting the workforce needs of medium sized cities. You’ll find a copy of Catherine’s overheads here.




Michael Krafft, from Access Community Services Limited, gave a hands-on account of some of the great things that are happening in settlement services for migrants, and the contribution that migrants can make to the economic prosperity of medium sized cities.




Ary Laufer, General Manager Employment, AMES, shared the success story of a migrant community who made a huge difference to a regional, and ultimately the national economy.



The evening finished with pre-conference drinks and an address from The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson MP, Minister for Trade & Competitiveness. We’ve included the full content of his talk.